A Stolen Childhood/Casey Watson Review *spoiler free*

This is the first book longer then 200 pages that I have been able to finish since the beginning of the year.  When I first started reading this book it started off slow until the middle and the last half as well.  This book A Stolen Childhood deals with child abuse from the child’s parents.  I would say don’t read this book if it’s triggering for you.  I read books about child abuse sometimes since it shows what can happen behind closed doors and you never know what’s happening underneath the surface of someone.  There’s a part towards the end that totally surprised me which it probably should have seen it coming. This girls life sucks and how much more can happen to her then this thing happens.  I liked the ending is the best, I liked the book but it is a heavy subject to read about.  I would give this a 3.5/5 stars, because it was really hard to get into until the middle and last half of the book.

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