Of Ice and Snow by: Amber Argyle Review

Book: Of Ice and Snow

Author: Amber Argyle

Genre: young adult, fantasy

Series: Fairy Queens

Publisher: Starling publishing

Book formate:  ebook


I received this Arc as a box set in ebook form from the author in exchange of a honest review. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.

This was my first ever Amber Argyle book that I have read but I have other I’m going to be reading as well. I was drawn in by this book first because it’s about fairies. I have been wanting to read and get into books about fairies.  This is the prequel to Winter Queen the first book in the Fairy a Queens series.

This book is about how two characters Otec and Matka are drawn in towards each other throughout their own experiences. Otec wasn’t supposed to be Clam Chief he had older siblings that would be way before he would have. Things happened where he becomes Chief of the Clans.

I liked seeing him grow from the unimportant son to the most important one. Also changing from a unsure leader to a confident chief leader of the clans. I really liked his how Matka comes Otecs light in his dark times and thoughts.

There were a few lines from the book that I really enjoyed in this book and they are:

“Revenge does nothing to ease the pain, only twists you into something you come to hate”

“He turned his face into the bitter wind coming off the ocean, his heart a coffin of ice and snow”.

I have this a four out five stars on Goodreads and also have this review up on there as well. It was slow read for me, it took me about two weeks to get through this.

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