|Book Review: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare|

There are spoilers ahead so read with caution.


A lot of people told me that City of Glass is amazing and some of their favorites out of Cassandra Clare’s books.  I absolutely loved City of Glass by Cassandra Clare I gave it a five star rating on Goodreads.  I have read the first three books from The Mortal Instruments and City of Glass is my favorite so far.

Before I read City of Ashes but after I read City of Bones I found out about Sebastian and that he helps Clary and is her brother but that’s it. When I was in the middle of chapter two and the character that shows up is Sebastian Verlac I wondered if he was actually Valentine’s son and Clay’s brother.  So my curious mind got the best of me and I looked it up and found out the truth about who he really is.  I was surprised to find out that his is really Jonathon Christopher and not Sebastian.  I kind of already knew that Jace and Clary weren’t truly brother and sister because of tumblr.

I wouldn’t change anything about this book.  I was surprised to find out that Jocelyn and Luke were going to move in together at the end of the book.  It was horribly sad about Max, he was so young and vulnerable.  I would have reacted how Izzy did about Max’s death if I were in the same situation but I would have have gone after Sebastian too like Jace did.  A couple of my favorite moments that happened are all in the middle and last half of the book.  The first one is when Clary and Jace goes to Jace’s childhood to find the book Clary needs to find the spell thats in the book of the white to wake Jocelyn.   Clary starts to throw the books off the bookshelf and the bookshelf opens up to a secret basement.  Then they go down into the basement and they see the angel.  The angel shows them both things of there parents when they were younger and what valentine was doing to Jocelyn.  The angel shows Clary a ruin to break the pentagram and Jace gives the angel his sword so it can kill itself. The next favorite moment is when Jace leaves and tracks Sebastian and listens in on Sebastian and Valentine and finds out Jace isn’t Valentines son.  Also learns Se bastions name is Jonathon Christopher as well.  I don’t care for the fighting scene I like how Izzy came after Jace to help and protect him and tells him that Clary and him aren’t siblings. Then the last favorite moment I am going to mention is when Clary finds out Valentines plan and portals to the lake again.  I am glad Valentine gets Clary out of the lake before she could have died.  I didn’t like how he bound Clarys hands and ankles together so she couldn’t move and I didn’t like how he was so willing to sacrifice her to get his wish from the angel.  I’m glad the angel didn’t grant Valentine his wish and let Clary have the wish instead. I loved how Clary’s wish has to save Jace over everything and the angel took off the ruins so she could speak and move again.  I also liked how Jocelyn told Clary a lot about Valentine and her when they were younger and when Jocelyn was in Valentines care after he took her.

It makes me wonder what it would be like to be in the presents of an angel.  Both Jace and Clary were in the presents of the two angels I wonder how that will be for the both of them in future.

I can’t wait to get the rest of the books Cassandra Clare has written and read them too.

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