|Book Review: The Looney Bin Blues *spoiler free*|


The Looney Bin Blues is a collection of poetry inspired by the author’s current country of residence, Mexico, as well as his hometown of Watford in England.

The collection covers a broad range of subject areas and themes, from the forming of Mexico’s Constitution after its 1917 Revolution, to Cooke’s take on secularism, to a tribute to his former place of study, Thames Valley University, and a touching ode to his partner Maricruz and her two sons. It also takes a controversial attitude to prejudice and discrimination against mental illness, citing examples of great figures in history who were also mentally ill, such as the poet William Blake and the singer Amy Winehouse.

The Looney Bin Blues will appeal to those looking for an irreverent yet thought-provoking volume of poetry, plus fans of Tristram’s previous books.

Book: The Looney Bin Blues

Author: Tristram Cooke

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd, July 2016

Genre: poetry

Goodreads rating: 3 stars

This book The Looney Bin Blues by Tristram Cooke is a book of poems.  The first half of this book of poems I didn’t enjoy as much as I did the second half that’s why I’m giving it a three star rating.  I have always found poetry interesting since i was about twelve or thirteen years old.  If you enjoy poetry I would say give this a try, you may like it more then I did.  There were a few in the very beginning that I enjoyed but the rest of the first half not so much.  The last half was more interesting to me.


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange of a honest review and to help books succeed.

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