|Book Review: The Truth by Jeffry W. Johnston *spoilers*|


The Truth by Jeffry W. Johnston is told in two times now and then.  This is when a thirteen year old broke into the main character’s home who is Chris and the thirteen year old got shot.  The time period that the story lasts is about a week or so.  Chris has a younger brother and they live with their mom. Christ is sixteen years old and Devon is ten years old.  Chris and Devon’s dad was shot on the job as a police officer three years ago.  Their mom was working late and Christ was home with Devon, Chris stood up after his dad was killed and helps with Devon watches him and there for him. It was about one in the morning and Chris hears something but also thinks it’s nothing.  He remembers his mom telling him she keeps a gun locked in her night stand he goes to grab it and unlocks the draw. He decides against it but doesn’t lock it back up. Devon ends up grabbing the gun even though Christ told him to stay put.  He does down and he ends up shooting the thirteen year old kid named Caleb.  Chris covers for him and the only people who know the truth are dead.  You find out about the truth at the end of the book.  It totally took me by surprise to find out that Christ didn’t shoot Caleb but Devon did.

The now is when Caleb’s older brother, Derek is looking for answers and takes Christ captive and wants the whole truth about what happened.  If Chris lies he threatens he’s going to cut a finger off.  He doesn’t catch Chris in the lie till the end of the book.  Derek wants to know if the cops are covering up details so Chris doesn’t get into trouble. Derek makes him get the truth if there was a cover up or threatens to kill Devon.  Chris gets the truth and goes to where Devon and Derek were.  Chris shows up and eventually figures out Chris was covering for Devon asks Chris to shoot him but he couldn’t so Devon shoots him. Chris and Devon both agree that Chris killed him and still covers up for him and not to talk about it.

This was such a fast paced book, I really enjoyed this book I would definitely recommend it. I didn’t see some of the things coming that happened, you know Chris is hiding something or lying but the truth was shocking.

4/5 ☆☆☆☆

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