| Book Review: By Your Side / Kasie West |

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This is my second Kasie West book that I’ve read,  I really enjoyed By Your Side It didn’t disappoint.  I just wish we got more after Autumn and Dax got together.

Dax and Autumn got locked into in the library together over a cold winter snowy weekend.  They didn’t have much food or drink besides what was in the staff room.  The heat got turned off so they didn’t have anything to keep them warm besides whatever Dax had on him.  They talked and got to know each other a little bit over the weekend.

I thought it was a fun, cute, and fast read.  I read this book in a day I read most of it before work then I finished it when I got home from work.  I liked how this book represents anxiety disorder and saw how someone else handles it. I related to Autumn in the aspect of her having anxiety.  This book seemed really realistic with it’s plot.

I think this would be a dream for a lot of book worms; to be locked in a library or bookstore over a weekend.  That sounds like it would be awesome to be locked in either a library or bookstore over the weekend.  Imagine being around all those books and getting to read books that you other rise wouldn’t get for yourself.

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