|Book Review: Blue Bird / Magda Ayuk |


Book: Blue Bird

Author: Magda Ayuk

Published 17 April 2018

Pages: 242

Rating: ★★★★

Blue Bird is Canadian storyteller Magda Ayuk’s debut collection of poetry and prose. Blue Bird is the necessary and enduring journey of self-love. Ayuk explores this journey through the intersectional pulses of freedom, race and gender. Blue Bird is the gentle reminder that we are all light beings, and deserve the peace we seek. Blue Bird is warmed by Ayuk’s Cameroonian roots, which drip magic on every page.

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I got my copy of Blue Bird by Magda Ayuk from publisher Black Chateau,  this is my first time reviewing a poetry book.

I enjoyed a lot of the poems, and I highlighted whole poems and some lines.  This is the type of Poetry I like.  I didn’t love it,  I didn’t feel connected to a lot of them.  With some of them I didn’t feel anything afterwards.  With poetry it’s like that sometimes if I didn’t feel a connection with it. The poems weren’t very long, most of them were pretty short.

A few I enjoyed are:

Self | page 15

One flesh | page 142

Strength in Numbers | page 144

Nature | page 187

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