|January 2019 wrap-up|


I only read three physical books the rest were either ebooks or audiobooks. A few more physical copies I read were from the library.

  • Spill Zone: The Broke Vow- Scott Westerfeld 3/5
  • And The Ocean Was Our Sky- Patrick Ness 4/5
  • Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Alibn Too- Jomny Sun 4/5
  • The Wicker King- K. Ancrum 5/5
  • Seduction: New poems, 2013-2018- Quincy Troupe 2/5
  • The Legend of the Golden Raven- K. Ancrum
  • In the moment- Hanco Kolk 2/5
  • The Golden Age- Cyril Pedrosa 2/5
  • Empress Charlotte: The Princess and the Archduke- Fabien Nury 3/5
  • And We Call It Love- Amanda Vink 3.75/5
  • Lord of the Butterflies- Andrea Gibson 3.75/5
  • Ten Great Mysters- Edgar Allan Poe 4/5
  • The Ballad of Sang- Ed Brission 4/5
  • Pilu of the Woords-  Maik Nguyen 4/5
  • Faith: Dreamside- Jody Houser 4/5
  • Bone Parish- Cullen Bunn 3.5/5
  • Ivy in Bloom- Vanita Oelschlager 3/5
  • The Daughters of Salem: How We Sent Our Children To Their Death- Thomas Gilbert 4/5
  • Operatic- Kyo Maclear 3/5
  • The Lying Game- Ruth Ware 4/5
  • Soft Magic- Upile Chisala 4/5

3,207 pages read across 21 books.

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