Hiding till Dawn by E.M. Rinaldi


Destiny is unrelenting. It will come for you, and when it does there is no escaping it; something Casey knows firsthand. On the run from the dean and his ever loyal Imperial Guardians; Casey, Cedric, and Falon must put their trust in the most unlikely of allies. Their search for help will lead them across the country, into enemy territories and mystical kingdoms alike.

With a prophecy over her head, it is ultimately up to Casey to bring her world back to order. But for that to happen, the corrupted officials who govern her world must be stopped. New friends and old will align to bring back the peace, by force if necessary. And first on their list? The dean.

Casey hasn’t forgotten the torment she suffered at his hand, and the nightmares are far from over. Can she eradicate this threat and help save her world? Or will she fall to the pressure of her fate?

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Hiding till Dawn by E. M. Rinaldi is the second book in The Cross Chronicles series. I really enjoyed reading this and I enjoyed a lot of the characters. There are some characters I didn’t like as well, which I think is expected. There’s trigger warning for sexual assault, revenge, and violence. There were parts that made me laugh and love I tabbed a few times. I also highlighted bits too. There was a plot I guessed but I still loved every part of it. I’m excited for book three, which comes out soon. I absolutely recommend this, you should pick up this book up and if you haven’t picked up the first book Evading the Dark up you definitely should.

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